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S. P. Singh Institute of Nursing & Paramedical – A well equipped Nursing school, is flourishing cauldron of excellence. In this era of specialisation especially technical education, it has become imperative to have theoretical knowledge as well as practical knowledge. No organisation is ready to invest time to train a simple graduate and make him suitable for a job. The onus is on the student to enhance his employability. Everybody loves the glamour of the corporate world, but only a few are aware of the challenges. Our curricular are designed not only to bring the student face to face with these challenges, but also to overcome them. There was a time when a college pass out drew a lot of attention. But, being a graduate is no longer sufficient, now you need Technical Knowledge and skills to make the cut.

At S. P. Singh Institute of Nursing & Paramedical, we help students develop student these skills and make them successful in corporate world. Then, we take the extra step- we assess the students’ capability and place them accordingly. Our huge client database enables us to offer the right placement for the right student.